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Dear Reader,

This story begins with one human, me, and my personal passion to do big things in this world. The SU CASA PROJECT was born in February 2016 when I met a disgruntled landlord while in line to rent a U-haul. “Let me help you” I said  “I have an Idea.” In addition to paying full rent, I personally renovated the property so that the landlord could put it up for sale. I spoke with possible buyers to pitch my Supportive Housing Program. Lo and behold, the first two folks I met purchased the property, believed in me and therefore, they invested in me. The Hummingbird House was officially given its wings.

It has been over two years and I now personally lease three homes that focus on an On-Site Supportive Mentor Program for Homeless Individuals in the Tacoma area.

  • I have permanently housed and stabilized 17 young adults/ adults / older adults and 10 young children.
  • I have done all of this for 45,000 dollars TOTAL!!
  • I pay for everything out of my own pocket.
  • I empower individuals to go to work, gain financial freedom and pay rent.
  • I remove barriers such as disconnected phones, no money for uniforms and payment for certification or simple employment cards/certifications.

Small investments in people pay off in big ways.

  • I have watched young people move on to their own apartments, gain full-time employment, graduate High School, Graduate with their G.E.D’s, GRADUATE COLLEGE with a A.A. in Business and Certifications in Nursing!
  • I have sent individuals to Drug Rehabilitation Programs and have escorted successful graduates home, supporting them through their sobriety.
  • I house individuals that have been released from Federal Prison.
  • I have watched the successful closure of Child Protective Service Cases and have witnessed the reunification of families.

I am one human that works hard to show others that we can make a difference. It takes big ideas and even larger passions to make it through the failure…..and it is the most beautiful thing to see it through and watch it blossom. I encourage you to be inspired and live a life in service, together we can do this thing called LIFE.

The SU CASA PROJECT has just recently grown to be an official 501(c)3 Not for Profit; welcome to CORNERSTONE 253.
Please donate or join me!

Love Always,
Colleen Jean

To the Two Individuals that Took a Huge Gamble on Me:
Kim Thomas and Eric Basha

Photo by Pete Johnson on

You are the amazing souls that came to the open house at the property I flipped. I was hoping that you would hear me out and let me create a Supportive Housing Program. Not only did you say yes, you have grown to be some of my closest friends and biggest Cheerleaders. I love you two with all my heart.

To The Unspoken Heros… you know who are, you helped me get here. I thank you for everything, you are with me. 

The Video That Started It All

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