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Feel inspired and want to donate money to direct services? Nope, there’s no Amazon wish list here folks, I can get everything needed material wise. I need help paying the case manager to be on-site, connected and working for the accountability of the resident.  Connect with C253’s donation page and contribute to Direct Service Spending as we are committed to transparent delivery. DONATE  


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I have always dreamed of being a farmer. A teacher first, in my older years.. a farmer. It runs deep within my roots and I look forward to the day of fruition. Until that happens, Cornerstone 253 supports this mission. One dude doing his thing, looking out for others. It is simple. Here is a short blip on what David Thompson thinks of his personal passions and community project: 


“Food is Free Tacoma is the local chapter of the worldwide movement Food is Free. At the Tacoma chapter we promote vegetable gardening and sharing the harvest with your neighbors. We particularly like front yard and parkway gardens. A parkway is the green space between the sidewalk and the street. By building a vegetable garden in front for all the neighborhood to see is a statement that you are taking your own food security in your own hands.It will cause conversations between neighbors. People will watch and find themselves watching for the miracle of life And by putting up a sharing table neighbors now have a reason to congregate and communicate with each other. This builds strong community and safer neighborhoods.. This year at the Project we expanded outwards and established 10 front yard and parkway gardens, all with sharing tables. All the produce from these gardens will be shared with the neighborhood. These gardens are spread throughout the city and the goal is to have a sharing table in all the Tacoma neighborhoods. A place people can share their harvest and meet their neighbors. Another part of the Project is volunteering as a branch leader by David Thompson, the chapter founder,for Harvest Pierce County Gleaning Project. Our area is east and southend Tacoma. We glean fruit trees and grape vines for fruit that would otherwise rot on the ground. All this fruit is donated back to the community.We also glean farmers fields after the harvest. Gleaning is a centuries old practice of getting food to the unfortunate.We also encourage others in the Pacific Northwest to start chapters of Food is Free. There are now chapters in Tacoma, Spokane, Olympia, and Portland as of 2019. Come join the Movement! Together we can do this! “

http:/http://foodisfreeproject.org     This is a link to the large project idea as a whole!!! WorldWide ! ! 



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