Today is Saturday, July 20th 2019 and I wanted to add a short update to the original Outcome statement  I wrote 1 year ago.  I have personally leased 4 privately owned homes over the past three and some years. I have offered housing to over 45 homeless individuals and helped a handful of separate  families with Life Lab Reunification Service in this Cornerstone 253 Life. I have come to the conclusion that home is the binder of life and love. There are standards to be upheld, taught, delivered, challenged and failed in the home. Not everyone fits in the same concept of home and thats okay. I want to keep these Outcomes posted on this page so I never forget where I came from. It is the only math that matters when I go on from here to fight for my data and proof of concept. My concept you ask? That on-site, in-the-home service is necessary to upholding healthy accountability and independence in the community.   My theory 4 years ago was that I would work 2 jobs, connect with landlords,  pay rent (market rent), house people and then be present in the home with honor code expectations. Yes, it is tough work to have confrontation with each other, but it is necessary to the individual and their personal positive growth. Not everyone has experienced good home life, people literally KNOW NO BETTER. It is our duty to show the path and the beauty of the way. This work isn’t pretty….. it is front-line.  I threw a stone in Tacoma WA, now I am really happy to be watching the ripples that are inevitable.  Carry on Soldiers, be your best.   

The biggest lesson throughout our work has been learning what SUCCESS looks like. At Cornerstone 253, success is creating lasting impact, breaking generational trauma and poverty.  Success is empowerment and positive mentorship that helps individuals reconnect. These are very true numbers to look at when we think of success.

    • Provided Permanent Housing for 26 youth/young adult/adult and 13 Children over 3 years.
    • Average stay 8 months, longest stay 14 months, shortest 4 weeks.
    • Cost per year $45,000 spent in leasing homes, furnishing homes and all Utilities and other common coverage.
    • Committed collaboration with 7 Federal and Local Not For Profit Agencies, providing permanent housing for their referrals and utilizing their existing therapy practices.
    • 0 % return rate to homelessness. And the most important update to the data: 89.44% success rate. That aint bad!!! 7/2019
    • 11 have left Cornerstone 253 with the assistance of Independent Long Term Subsidies/ Vouchers.
    • Reunification of 11 families through Child Protective Services and the programs mandated for members in collaboration with Cornerstone 253.
    • 9 have Chosen Healthy Reunification with Family Members.
    • 100% Satisfactory competition of members Law/ Court Appointed commitments while serving Probation Period.
    • 14 of the Youth and Adults have Gained Full-time Employment.
    • 4 Residents have Graduated from Higher Education or Achieved Vocational Certificate.
    • Provided Fiscal Sponsorship to 3 small business startups! Magpie the Bus, As You Wish, and The Liz Freel Mentor Project.



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