Creating Employment that was available immediately to the woman we housed was a challenge. Did you know that State Daycare benefits only kick in ONCE EMPLOYMENT IS GAINED? Who watches the baby while Mom goes job searching??? These are the really simple bumps in the road that cause the wheels to fly off in this thing called LIFE.

C253 will be supplying compatible positions that could be viable options for Moms AND DADS.    Family preservation= helping the entire family is crucial to making fast moves toward independence and family reconnection. If we can immediately support a person when they say “I am Ready”… it creates a healthy desire for life and self-fulfillment.

As You Wish : You fine folks that have donated to our mission at Cornerstone 253 covered an entire year of Insurance for the Home Clean and Service Company. C253’s Employment Manager, Rachel Dean, will be leading the charge to begin the journey to represent for all young moms creating their own opportunity.

Mentorship provided by strong women will aid in the growth of a quality worker with solid ethics and genuine care for the self.

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